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One dedicated and free platform to enhance your customer service.

Quzzled is an online engagement platform that allows consumers to ask questions directly to companies, and the company in question to provide responsive answers using text, image, video or a combination of all three.

Quzzled allows brands to enhance their customer service offering without any text restrictions or mixing promotional messages, giving them one dedicated medium to respond to and manage customer queries.

A company can also increase their profile as an expert in their field, by answering general industry wide questions asked by consumers.

Benefits of joining Quzzled:

Search Engine Optimisation

Questions asked on your page will appear organically in search engines. This means that when a potential consumer searches online for a question you have previously answered, they will be directed to your profile page. The more questions on your page, the greater your reach and customer acquisition will be.

Search by Industry

Our users can seek answers by searching for a specific industry. Increase your sales by sharing your industry knowledge with consumers seeking advice.

Multiple ways to engage with consumers

Let your company's personality shine through by responding to questions with text, images and videos. Say what you actually need to say, how you want to say it, with no text restrictions.

Enhanced customer service

Responsive answers to consumer questions puts your company in a good light. Improved customer service means better customer retention levels and increased sales.

Increase brand engagement

A dedicated medium to effectively manage your customer queries. You can enhance your customer service offering without mixing your promotional messages.

Complete control

The answer activity is completely controlled by you. You will be emailed each time a question is posted to your profile page, simply log into your Quzzled account to respond and review. Other users have the opportunity to engage with a question you have been asked, these responses will appear alongside your answer, which will be displayed at the top of the thread and highlighted as an official company answer. You will be notified of these responses and be able to edit them.

Increase social networking reach

Quzzled will actively share your answers through our extensive social networking presence. Whether the answers be in text, image or video form.

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